Demo List for Wyoming State Trappers Association Aug 12th 2017

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Wyoming Rendezvous Demo List

ALL Demos will be Saturday, Aug. 12th, 2017


Dale Greenough & John Graham- WY. Niobrara Co. predator control contract trappers will do a demo on trapping and snaring coyotes.

Keith Gregerson- MT. Keith is the man that modernized snaring in the 70’s. A lot of what we know and do today is a result of his system that he developed while running long snare lines across eastern Montana. He hasn’t gave a demo in years, and this will be a ‘must see’.

Bill Ilchik & Joel Blakeslee- NV. Bill & Joel are two of the west’s top bobcat trappers, with years and years of bobcat trapping experience. Their presentation will include the ‘exposed’ bobcat set, as well as a treasure-trove of other trapping tips. This is worth the drive alone.

Dick Hane- Co. Dick has a pile of fur and ADC trapping behind him, and is still going strong. He was originator of the ‘grubstake” lure holder, and has been part of numerous studies and projects that include a variety of topics. Dick is another one of the ‘real deal’ guys out there today.

Greg Petska- NE. Greg is one of the last of the traveling fur buyers, and provides a service to trappers in several states. His knowledge of today’s market is unsurpassed, and he’ll be on hand to answer questions all weekend. His demo will be ‘From field to the furrier’, with Coyotes & Bobcats being the focus.

Boone Liane- MT. Boone has been around a long time, and makes big fur catches year after year, with his main target animal being Coyotes. He is one of the guys out there doing it, and he agreed to do a demo for us at the Wyoming Rendezvous.

Major Boddicker- Co. Major is one of the most successful coyote callers in the country, but his demo wont be on calling. He is coming to give a presentation on his extensive coyote scent tests. A lot of today’s lure makers have followed Major’s info, and this demo alone will be one that could change your outlook on coyote trapping.

Les Johnson- NE. Les will be giving an in depth one hour coyote calling presentation. Les is a World Champion coyote caller, and the host of TV’s Predator Quest program. He is a great teacher, and a wealth of coyote calling info. We charge $10 for this presentation, and we’re very happy to have him come back to Wyoming once again. His presentation will be the last one of the day Saturday.

This demo list represents many, many years of trapping! If you can make it to Lusk, Wy. August 11-12th, you can be part of history. This line-up might never happen again.

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